How would Athletes do It?


­Michael Phelps shared the spotlight on the Beijing Olympics with — a swimsuit. The Speedo LZR racer swimsuit reportedly takes 20 minutes to positioned on, covers swimmers from chest to calf and, most crucial, smooths pores and pores and skin that often flaps” throughout the water. It gives swimmers a additional frictionless glide. Oh, and it seems to help them smash world information. The go effectively with offers yet one more occasion of athletes attempting to winnow down a completion time when the physique itself had reached its peak. Whether or not, like swim caps, we title these makes an try “advances,” or like steroids, we deride them as “doping,” we can’t avoid the bodily enhancements that flip up in sports activities actions. Some officers say athletes will tamper with their very genes. In gene doping, athletes would modify their genes to hold out greater in sports activities actions. We are saying would because of no one has tried it y­et, as far as everyone knows, says Dr. Theodore Friedmann, head of the World Anti-Doping Company’s (WADA) gene doping panel.

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