SpamCop.Web – SpamCop FAQ: Issues with Spam not In Unique Format


Colorado woman holding hemp extract oil tincture, older woman, middle aged woman.Nevertheless, when copying messages to SpamCop, prolonged traces can usually be corrupted, so that they appear like two separate strains. This causes points, and should be prevented. I am unable to emphasize enough that this is not a trick by spammers to “fool spamcop”. It is an error launched by the recipient (you) when copying or submitting e-mail to spamcop. In case you encounter this draw back, please analysis the way in which you submit spam to SpamCop and take corrective movement. Please don’t merely “restore up” the headers, nonetheless actually uncover an answer to submit them unaltered within the main place. Fixing headers by hand solely introduces rather more deadly errors, to not say being an infinite ache. The best methodology to submit spam to SpamCop is by forwarding it as an attachment to your distinctive submission deal with – confirmed above the submission form in your non-public start net web page. 2023 Cisco Programs, Inc. All rights reserved.

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